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The staff at Brentwood Youth Activities are parents & professionals that have the same commitment to BYA members as they do to their own children and family. For 60 years, our staff have consistently risen to overcome the myriad challenges that many of our community members face in order to provide positive and impactful experiences to our community youth. We pride ourselves not only on getting the job done, but doing it better than ever before.

    My name is Elton George and it gives me great pleasure to represent the Brentwood Youth Activities as President.

I am a proud father, active community leader and employee of the Brentwood School District, demonstrating a

long-term passion for the advancement of the Brentwood Community since my youth.  I have been involved with the BYA since I was eleven years old. This was a safe haven for me as a child growing up in Brentwood; I often remember the hot summer days when we came down to the clubhouse to play baseball and kick around the soccer ball with friends from the neighborhood.


At the age of twenty, I felt a continued desire to play an integral role in the young lives of the Brentwood community, and began coaching basketball to many boys and girls in the program. This was an amazing opportunity for me to learn the aspects of coaching and mentorship. I went on to coach my own AAU basketball team in addition to the Briarcliff College Basketball Team. In 2015, I became the Basketball Commissioner for the BYA and increased the number of enrolled youth from 120 to 350 players.


Although I truly possess a passion for all sports, basketball has always carried a special place in my heart and mind.

I knew I had to implement something incredible for the children that was life-long and memorable. After a period of research and networking, I was proud to institute “Brentwood at the Barclays”.  One of my biggest accomplishments of the basketball program was seeing the children from the Brentwood Community play in their championship game on the same floor as super stars such as Kyrie Irving and Lebron James. The children were ecstatic and parents were excited to see their children play on an NBA court.

President  Elton George

The program was such a success that over the past 3 years "Brentwood at the Barclays" has expanded throughout the Brentwood School district, becoming inclusive to all Middle School boy and girl basketball players. In addition, coaches and parents were invited to share the same experiences. Now, all players receive a free ticket to attend a Brooklyn Nets game, along with discounted tickets for their parents. It is important to me that children not only play the game, but that they are also able to learn about the entire industry, make memories with their families,

and go home feeling motivated to keep striving to attain all of their life's goals.


In 2016, I was proud to be elected BYA President. My vision and goals for the organization include maintaining a safe and fun place for children

to go to, just as it was when I was a child. We are currently celebrating our 60th year in the Brentwood Community; this celebration of 60 years means so much to me because it gives the community an opportunity to come together and reminisce about the wonderful memories we have already had. Some of my goals for the organization include: reconstructing the clubhouse to include a kid-friendly game room, an outdoor basketball court, a playground and to continue and grow a yearly carnival to celebrate the organization's existence within the Brentwood Community.


I want to commend all of our staff, coaches, parents and children who represent the BYA proudly and continue to support the organization.

I believe that, working together, we can make an enormous difference in the lives of the children in our wonderful community.


“Work Hard, Dream Big!”

Elton George- President

Gustavo Sisa- Vice President

Alonzo Andrews- Treasurer

Conrad Johnson- Football 

Jillan Gallino- Cheerleading Representative

Zed Key- Basketball Representative

Joshua Christopher-Baseball Representative


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